Thursday, August 20, 2009


So what is Computer Culture about? I envision this blog to be all things computers! Why limit this thing. I really wanted to do this blog because of how addicted to Face Book I’ve become….and I still don’t know why? I wake up, and check FB. Sometimes at work, I’ll peak at FB. I started thinking WTF; I need to get a life.

It occurred to me that FB, and all these social websites are just another aspect of our culture…like music, fashion or slang. Some of this blog will be about computers, technology, gadgets…I love gadgets, and anything that I find interesting, and hopefully some of this stuff will be interesting to others that read along.

I texted my buddy, and asked him if he was in FB, he replied…”I’m incognito, I don’t do social websites.” I started thinking about the privacy issues related to participating in FB…and thought who freakin cares? Then I thought what the heck is he into? Of course only an idiot would publish their home address or something personal that could get him hurt, ripped off or worse. So what is the big deal?

I embrace this computer culture.

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