Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adding a second monitor is easier, and cheaper than you think

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you should consider adding a second monitor.  Adding a second monitor makes sense if you have the space, and the money.  This upgrade will immediately boost your productivity, and enhance the entertainment value of your computer.  Imagine browsing the web on one screen, and checking e-mail on the other screen…and not having to constantly minimize and maximize applications.  I like having my Sling Player deliver TV on one screen, while “working” on the other screen; yes you can work and watch TV at the same time.  You’ll marvel at how much having two or more monitors can better organize your computing life.
A quick search on the Internet shows how inexpensive LCD monitors have become.  I’ve found decent 19” monitors between $110 and $150!  The second part of the puzzle is purchasing a dual head video card.  A decent dual head video card will run between $70 and $150.  Upgrading to a second monitor will cost between $180 and $300…not too bad. 
You’ve purchased your 2nd monitor and a dual head video card, now what?  Installing the new card is simple, and can be done in 30 min.  The hardest part of the upgrade is disconnecting you computer and figuring out how to open the case.  I found a pretty good set of basic instructions to do the upgrade yourself…
However, this is such an easy install you can easily get your computer buddy to do it for pizza and cold beer.

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