Friday, August 28, 2009

The future is here...kinda.

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of cartoons and science fiction. I wanted a flying car like George Jetson, a communicator like captain Kirk, and a jet pack that would allow me to fly to school. I was wondering if any of these things were available now….I guess the flip phone would be the Star trek communicator I already have, and that’s been out for years ;)

Terrafugia calls its flying car the “roadable aircraft.” This car can switch to an airplane in 30 seconds. Got to have one? Cough up $200,000 and it’s all yours. It’s a start, but you can’t just fly on the go. I want to take off from my street. However, you’ll save money renting hangar space because you can drive your plane home from the airport.

What about a helicopter car? Now a helicopter makes obvious sense...Just take-off from wherever you are. Unfortunately, I did not find anything promising on the helicopter car, but I did find a cool Japanese personal helicopter (Gen H-4) for about $32,000. It looks dangerous as hell.

That personal helicopter looks scary, but what about a jet pack? A New Zealand company called Martin Jetpack makes a really cool looking jet pack. It seems more stable than the Japanese personal helicopter, but scary none the less. I don’t know what they cost, but Martin Jetpack will take personal orders in 2010.

What’s going on with the famous Dick Tracy watch phone? Looks like LG is planning the release of a watch phone (GD910) in the United Kingdom in August 2009! From what I’ve read the phone will cost something in the $1200 dollar range, with a separate monthly contract fee.

In addition to being able to make standard and video calls, the GD910 can also make text messages and goes completely wireless with a Bluetooth headset. The GD910 also sends email and uses voice commands to access features. It even has a MP3 player. I wonder if LG worked out the whole RF radio wave and cancer thing.

It looks like future is now, but not for me because I can't afford any of this cools stuff.

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